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Routine Orders


CATO 13-23 states: Involvement by CIC, CI, or Cadets with illegal drugs, prohibited substances, or drug-related paraphernalia will not be tolerated. Any involvement in such activities by personnel subject to the Code of Service Discipline will be dealt with in accordance with para 1 of this CATO. The enrolment of the offending cadet with the Corps will be terminated immediately. Cases involving CI’s will be referred to local civilian authorities for prosecution and employment with the Cadet organization will be terminated. Where it is established that a Cadet or Cadets committed a drug-related offence, they will be released or RTU’d for release. All cases will be reported to the ACO as appropriate.

CIC, CI’s or CV’s shall not drink alcoholic beverages nor be under the influence of alcohol when they are or expect to be in direct supervision or training of Cadets. CIC, CI’s or CV’s who violate alcohol policies should be suspended immediately from the training / supervision of Cadets, and an investigation by the Commanding Officer will occur. CF orders will apply to CIC under the Code of Service Discipline. Regardless of age or Provincial legislation, Cadets are prohibited from purchasing, consuming or having alcohol in their possession while engaged in Cadet Activities. Cadets who violate the alcohol policies will be suspended from training, counselled and subjected to appropriate administrative or disciplinary action.


Cadets who smoke in civilian life are NOT authorized to smoke while on Cadet time. Cadets will not have in their possession during cadet training or activities tobacco or tobacco products. Cadets caught in possession of tobacco or tobacco products will immediately be assigned extra duties and have the products confiscated and turned over to their Parent or Guardian. Cadets found smoking while in uniform or on cadet activities will receive a written administrative warning as well as the above actions. Repeat offences will be dealt with accordingly by the Deputy Commanding Officer and Commanding Officer.


Cadets are expected to maintain a proper attitude and behaviour at all times, this includes any and all locations or activities that involve this corps. A high degree of personal discipline will be maintained by all members of this corps, there will be no exceptions.

Poor attitude, lack of discipline, disregard of orders and regulations, inappropriate language or conduct will not be tolerated and will result in the following actions.

Consultation between Cadet and Officer
Consultation between Cadet and Officer (written)
Consultation between Cadet and Deputy Commanding Officer (written)
Consultation between Cadet and Commanding Officer (written)
Dismissal from the Corps

These actions outlined above will vary depending on the degree of discipline required.


The following is a list of duties for the required Administrative & Parade nights per month. The complete list can be found as ANNEX A to Routine Orders 2250 RC(Army)CC, if the DO or DNCO cannot be present it is their responsibility to inform the CO and an alternate and brief the alternate on their duties.

Ensure the security of the building during and prior to vacating the school;

Ensure all necessary equipment is brought to the appropriate training area and returned to the LHQ afterwards;

Report any significant incidents to the CO.

DNCO is to report each Monday night at the LHQ for Duty from 1845 hrs – 2100 hrs. List of duties shall be given to the DNCO at the LHQ.


Each week inspections shall be carried out, and a strict standard of dress and deportment adhered to. Continuous infractions of dress and deportment will result in disciplinary action in the form of chits on file, extra duties, or return of uniform for disciplinary action. Inspections will be carried out as follows:

Deputy Commanding Officer will inspect on the weeks prior to CO’s Parade.
Commanding Officer will inspect all Cadets on the last Parade night of the month.


Commanding Officer – Captain Robert Harley
DCO / Supply Officer – Captain Paul Hastings
Training Officer – Lieutenant Laura Pepper
Administrative Officer – 2nd Lieutenant Charles Warren
Standards Officer – 2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Page
Operations Officer – Officer Cadet Jeffrey Goheen


Please be advised that the new Cadet Coat (Parka) is classified as part of your uniform and shall NOT be worn anytime with civilian clothing or during non-Cadet activities.

Orders are that the sleeves of the Cadet Tunic shall not be pressed.


Mondays – Bracebridge Legion from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. when shooting is happening. Wednesdays – Bracebridge Public School from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Starts first Wednesday of the school year until the end of May.


Please view the Upcoming Events page on the website for details.





Be advised that effective 01 Dec 03, a new policy was issued concerning promotions. Before any cadet is promoted a Promotion Board must be convened. For promotions from cadet up to and including the rank of Sergeant a local board has to be convened. A Local Board consists of the CO, Sponsor Rep, Support Rep, chairperson and a Secretary. For promotions to Warrant Officer up to including Chief Warrant Officer an Area Board has to be convened. An Area Board consists of local board members with the addition of either the Area Cadet Officer or Area Cadet Advisor. All promotions will be based on CATO 41-03 – UPDATED MARCH 2005


KIDS HELP PHONE # 1-800-668-6868



Be advised that all exams, tests, and PO checks will be conducted throughout the training year. It is important that all exams, tests and PO checks are completed on time and on schedule. Therefore the policy will be:

Exams, Tests and PO checks will be written on the scheduled night, re-tests will be completed on your time at the LHQ on Monday nights;

If a cadet misses the scheduled night without a written note from their parent or guardian stating the reason for the absence, 10% will be deducted from the score once said exam, test or PO is written;

You the Cadet are responsible to ensure you are current in all your training; there will be no slacking off and catching up at the end.

You must have completed all PO’s and passed minimum 60% to be eligible to write the star level exam. You must pass the star exam in order to be considered for promotion If you require assistance with your studies ASK.

Your Section Commanders, Platoon Commanders and the Officer Staff will help.


On occasion, due to inclement weather, it may be necessary to cancel cadets. To confirm whether a training night has been cancelled, cadets must use one of the following methods:

i) Telephone the Cadet LHQ at (705) 646-2025 after 16:00 hours and listen to the voicemail message;
ii) Listen to the MOOSE Radio Station 99.5 FM for a public service announcement respecting cancellation of cadets;
iii) If possible, a staff member of a senior cadet will try to contact you, however, it is your responsibility to determine if cadets has been cancelled by using either i) or ii) above.

Captain Robert Harley
Commanding Officer
2250 Army

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01 April 1994

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